Mar 14

Why AVA Infotech is the best SEO services company in India

It all began when I decided to write an article on Gender Sensitivity in my country that struggle to plead to the international communities to intervene the situation started proving futile. Initially, I thought it would go through smoothly with minimal setbacks and feedback would be sooner than expected. In the course of my struggle to photopopularizing this article across the internet, I sought advice and services from various SEO companies but nothing seemed successful. It was at this point that I eventually sought for services from AVA Infotech in India as my last option and last hope.


I was referred to www.avainfotechseo.com Consultancy department where I was to be assisted. Through its professionalism, expertise and experience, my article was reviewed and made a high quality SEO article while the best content was included to ensure that it had all the information I required communicated. Some of the important words in the article were anchored to enhance optimization. After a few days, my article was responded to by a certain NGO where it received massive support and part of my objective was met thanks to AVA Infotech. Through the advices of this firm, I managed to come up with several quality SEO articles that made many clients hire me on freelance basis.


I later came to learn that AVA Infotech also provided other consultancy services such as article marketing, guest blogging, use of article directories and many other SEO services. I may be one of the many beneficiaries out there who has come out to tell my story but I am sure there are other writers out there who have had greater benefits than myself but yet to come out in the light. This is more or so why AVA Infotech is arguably the best SEO services company in India.

Jan 14

How to avoid string derailment accidents with compound bows

This is what NOT to do with your compound bow. String derailments account for many of the incidents where bow owner’s mistakenly claim their bows “blew up.” Novice archers are often unable to differentiate between a string derailment (user error) and a bow which has actually failed (broken limb, broken cam, etc.). Many new archers are simply unaware that poor shooting form and improper handling of a compound bow can lead to dangerous string derailments.

It’s also worth noting that user-induced string derailments often generate collateral damage to other bow components, specifically the string, cable rods & slides, and roller guards in particular. Unfortunately, this all happens in the blink of an eye. So many enthusiasts try to do their own home-analysis, and get it exactly backwards by assuming the broken roller guard, for example, caused the derailment … when the opposite is actually true.

As you might imagine, this causes trouble when it comes time to decide what is warranty and what is user error. So we say … JUST SAY NO! NO drawing ANY bow without an arrow. NO drawing short-axle high-performance bows with your fingers. And NO torquing of the string or grip at any point in the draw cycle!

If you’re going to drop a grand on a great new bow, spend 5 minutes with this video and learn to grip and handle your compond bow properly … so you can spend more time enjoying your bow and less time at the repair shop.

The bow used in this video from bought from Archery Retail and we got is quite cheap as compared to the market price.

Good Shooting! Thanks for watching!


Jan 14

How to Sell a Car

How to sell a used car

Step 1: Know the market
Know what the market will bear for your car when you put it up for sale by owner, privately handling the deal to make the most money. Do your research online, making comparisons to set your expectations.

Step 2: Clean the car
Clean the inside of the car, power wash the engine, and detail the body, including a good wax job. Have it in complete working order so no questions or doubts stall the negotiation.

You can pay a good detail shop to do the whole thing.

Step 3: Price the car
Price the car so it sells. Ask for more than you’ll accept and maintain enough room to make a decent profit without chasing people away with an unrealistic number. But be ready to let a few possible buyers walk away.

Step 4: Get the paperwork together
Gather the car’s title, recent emissions certifications, registration, and receipts from work you’ve had done, and then identify whatever release of title information you need from your state’s motor vehicle department.

Step 5: Advertise it
Advertise in the car classifieds online or in your local paper, leave flyers on store bulletin boards, and put a sign in the car’s window when it’s parked. Refer to the price as the “asking price,” or close the issue to limit haggles by using the word “firm.” You can also easily put the car for sale in any good online website by searching google for Sell My Car Quick etc. keywords. Also it pays if you get your car valued before selling by any Car Valuation website.

There are also many websites that give an approximate value of a car by registration number itself.

Step 6: Screen callers
Screen callers to determine the serious parties, even if you’re just going on intuition. If you’re nervous and want to keep it all business, meet them away from your home, perhaps in a parking lot.

Remember that the buyer’s trust in you is important. Be yourself, and don’t rush them or appear sneaky or desperate. Be willing to answer questions.

Step 7: Let them drive it
Let the prospective buyers drive the car if they show you their driver’s license. In most cases you can ride along with them, but if you demonstrate trust and let them go on their own, it might make the deal more attractive to them.

Step 8: Negotiate a price
Negotiate a price by explaining the quality they’re getting and the fairness of your offer. Make them work for their price and prove why it should be less. If other buyers have been looking at the car, say so and keep the pressure on.

Step 9: Sign over the title
Sign over the title either at the bank or the motor vehicles office, which you’ll have to do if the buyer needs a temporary operating permit based on the bill of sale. Confirm in writing on the bill of sale that this is the full and final deal. Then take the money and run — or buy another car.